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Review: “Happier Than Ever a Love Letter to Los Angeles”

Following the success of musical specials from Beyonce and Taylor Swift, Disney+ is debuting another new special, this time from Billie Eilish. Featuring all 16 tracks from her new album “Happier Than Ever”, the 100-minute long live performance is about as intimate as it can be.

The special performance was filmed during the pandemic, which informs the show’s tone; since there is no crowd, no footage of fans enjoying the performance in cut scenes. They aren’t missed, though, as animated scenes break up the performances and the whole thing is very laid back, as is the music itself.


Performed at the LA Bowl with the LA Philharmonic Orchestra, the album is contemplative and covers Billie’s rise to fame since the release of her first album. The venue, cinematography and the lighting, which changes colour for each song, all create a beautiful aesthetic that adds to the feel of the songs themselves.

Watching the special made me want to listen to the album in more detail, which is the point of utilising a platform like Disney+. It is just a live performance, and all be it an excellent one, there isn’t any behind the scenes looks at any of the songs. This is purely a concert performance, filmed to connect an audience with the songs themselves.


If you’re even a slight fan of Billie Eilish, then this is for you, its a performance from one of the most prominent artists in the world right now, and it is worth your time.

Happier than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles is available to stream on Disney+ This Friday, 3rd September.

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