Hawkeye – Jeremy Renner Teases Return of Ronin?


If you follow Jeremy Renner on Instagram, you’ll know that he hasn’t held back on sharing an insight into life on the set of Hawkeye. This weekend he shared an instagram story that included a close up shot of him in his Ronin costume with the words “Back when…” Could this be a possible tease of Clint Barton’s return to his other alter-ego?

Ronin was briefly introduced during Avengers: Endgame as we saw Barton traveling the world, taking out gangs of bad-guys as he dealt with the loss of his entire family. We don’t have any information on whether or not this image is from the set of the upcoming Disney+ series, but the fact that it was shared as a story, which only has limited availability could point to the fact that it is a new shot.

There is of course a good chance that the character of Ronin will appear in the series, as it could explore Clint’s past when he took on the mantle. This could also tie into the appearance of Echo who, in the comics also heard the mantle. Could that connection be used to introduce the new character?

Hopefully it wont be long until we get our first teaser trailer for the series which could give us a glimpse at how things fit together in the series ahead of its release later in the year.

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