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High School Musical: The Musical: The Series – Season 2, Episode 4 ‘The Storm’

Plot spoilers ahead for episode 4 of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series – Season 2, if you haven’t yet seen it, bookmark this post and come back to it once you have.

Ricky and Nini are trying to cope with their long-distance relationship and the fear, paranoia and strain that comes along with it. What’s worse for Nini is that she isn’t happy at her new location, making the whole thing quite sad.

Meanwhile, Carlos and Gina are having a fallout over who is the real choreographer. They have conflicting ideas over the show, and the tension between them doesn’t go unnoticed.

Nini comes back to visit Ricky, all but briefly, and after her car is cancelled, Miss Jenn offers to drive her, but the weather isn’t exactly on their side. A massive snowstorm rips through Salt Lake City, which leaves the school with no power and Miss Jenn stuck on the side of the road. Being stuck in the car gives Miss Jenn an excellent chance to catch up with Nini and learn about her new school.

Gina is dealing with her worries and confusion over Ricky, although not particularly well. She deals with choreography much better, though. Carlos explains that the theatre is a safe space for him, being one of the few gay kids at school. This helps Gina see things from his perspective, and she allows him a more significant role in the show’s choreography.

After a contemplative ballad, Nini rushes back to East High, this time for good, as Ricky tells her of his love for her via FaceTime. This leads to a lovely, big reunion to end the episode.

Probably the strongest episode of the series so far, which now seems to be headed in a clear direction. Lots of heartfelt moments and plenty of fun, the series also continues Disney’s trend of dealing with real issues whilst adding a heavy dose of music and song.

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