Hilary Duff Releases Statement On ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Reboot


Production on the new Lizzie McGuire series for Disney+ began last November, but came to a screeching halt in January after only filming 2 episodes.  News broke that series creator and showrunner Terri Minsky had been abruptly fired. Since then, the show has been on hiatus with no clear direction if the project was still moving forward.

Sources say Minsky and Duff wanted to do a more adult version of Lizzie McGuire for the reboot, while Disney wanted a family-friendly show that was more like the original series.

Just a few days ago, Hilary Duff posted a screenshot of a news headline about Disney+ “Love, Simon” series which is now titled “Love, Victor”.  The show was moved this week to Hulu after it was deemed not “family-friendly” enough for the streaming service.  In her post, Duff circled the words “family-friendly” in the headline and wrote above it “Sounds familiar.”

Hilary Duff has now released a statement about the series on her Instagram page:

As of right now, we are unsure exactly what’s going to happen to this series. The statement would suggest that Hilary Duff isn’t prepared to do a watered-down version of “Lizzie McGuire” for Disney+. This means that the show might move over to Hulu or be cancelled altogether if an agreement can’t be made.

Stay tuned!

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