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How To Get The Cheaper Disney+ Plan With Ads

In early December 2022, Disney+ launched a new subscription option allowing subscribers in the United States to pay less in exchange for watching ads on Disney+.

If you’re a current subscribers, or looking to sign-up, you might be wondering how you can take advantage of this new cheaper Disney+ alternative. We have all the details for you!

How To Get The Cheaper Disney+ Plan With Ads

You can either sign up for Disney+ Basic with ads, or if you’re currently a member, you can change your plan.

Current Disney+ subscribers

Existing Disney+ subscribers have the option to switch to the Basic plan for $7.99/month.

To make changes to a subscription billed by Disney+:

  1. Log in to your Disney+ account through a mobile or web browser
  2. Select your PROFILE
  3. Select ACCOUNT
  4. Under the SUBSCRIPTION section, select the subscription that you want to change
  5. Select CHANGE next to the name of your subscription
  6. Select the plan that you want to change to (Disney+ Basic)
  7. Review your billing details then select AGREE & SUBSCRIBE
    • If you are billed through a third-party, click the button with the new price listed and complete the transaction through your billing partner (i.e. Apple’s App Store or Android’s Google Play Store)

New Disney+ Subscribers

When signing up for Disney+ for the first time, you’ll be given the option to sign-up for the Disney+ Basic plan with ads, or even choose a different plan if you would prefer.

  1. Visit DisneyPlus.com
  2. Choose a plan. You can change plans or cancel at any time.
  3. Create an account by entering your email address and creating a password.
  4. Enter a payment method.
  5. That’s it!

What Features Does The Disney+ With Ads Plan Have?

At launch, Disney+ Basic subscribers will enjoy the full content catalog and key product features that are also offered on a Disney+ Premium plan. This includes:

  • Exclusive Originals & Library Content – an ever-growing collection of thousands of titles across films, documentaries, series, and shorts, plus unprecedented access to Disney’s long history of incredible film and television entertainment
  • Profiles – create up to seven profiles per account, with the ability to set profile PINs and content ratings by profile through Parental Controls
  • Concurrent Viewing – stream on up to four supported devices simultaneously
  • High-Quality Video Formats – including, where supported, 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Vision, Full HD, HDR10, and Expanded Aspect Ratio with IMAX Enhanced

Can you change a Disney+ plan at any time?

You can change your Disney+ plan at anytime right here: https://www.disneyplus.com/account/change-subscription

How Many Ads Are In The Disney+ Ad Plan?

Ads on Disney+ will run an average of four minutes per hour or less. 

That means the service would run fewer ads per hour than NBCUniversal’s Peacock, which launched with no more than five minutes of ads each 60 minutes, Discovery’s HBO Max, tries to keep the number of commercials per hour to four. And Hulu on average runs as many as 9 to 12 ads per hour.

What type of ads are on Disney+?

Watching ads on Disney+ is optional.

When will Disney+ Basic with ads be available in other countries?

Disney has confirmed that Disney+ Basic with ads will launch internationally sometime in 2023. However, no further details beyond that have been released.

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