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How will the Canadian Disney+ platform compare to the U.S.?

Disney+ will be launching in the US and Canada on November 12, 2019. Disney has been very quiet on Disney+ for other countries. So how exactly will the platform compare to the US?

This is still fairly unknown at this time and many questions linger about how Disney+ will look in Canada compared to the US. It’s a criticism that hindered Netflix for years after it launched in Canada.

Every time Disney announces new content coming to Disney+, they’ll also state ‘coming to the US’, and won’t include Canada or any other country. Disney won’t have any issues with their original programming, such as The Mandalorian, but other content might be more difficult.

For instance, Disney has a broadcasting deal with Toronto-based media company Corus Entertainment, which operates the Disney Channel and several other family channels that carry the company’s new shows. Prior contracts may come in to play here, so it’s possible Canada won’t get the same content as the US. Eventually, once contracts have ended, we’ll see that shows & movies come to Disney+.

Representatives for Disney declined to answer questions about whether its Canadian Disney Plus service will mirror its American platform.

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