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Hulu Acquires Rights to Australian Crime Drama Series ‘Vanishing Act’

Hulu has acquired the U.S. rights to “Vanishing Act,” an Australian three-part series based on the real life disappearance of Australian high-roller Melissa Caddick.

According to THR, Caddick was an Australian businesswoman who allegedly swindled her family and friends out of millions of dollars to bankroll her lavish lifestyle of designer clothes, fast cars, expensive real estate and flash holidays.

But the day after police raided her home, Caddick disappeared. Months later, her shoe is found, washed up on a deserted beach – with her disembodied foot inside. The case spawned major media attention and wild speculation that Caddick was murdered, or that she deliberately cut off her own foot and went into hiding.

“It is a highly produced and exceptional Australian drama which is even more compelling to viewers because it is based on a true story which is almost too incredible to believe,” said DCD Rights CEO Nicky Davies Williams.

In addition to Hulu, the show has sold to ITV for the UK, RTE in Ireland, C-More for Scandinavia, and Warner Bros. Discovery for New Zealand.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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