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Hulu Orders Social Experiment Competition Series ‘Got to Get Out’

Hulu has ordered a new social experiment competition series, “Got to Get Out,” set to debut on the streaming service in 2024.

The format will feature participants residing in a mansion for 10 days, competing for a cash prize that increases by $1 every second they remain in the game. As contestants tackle both physical and mental challenges, more money will be added to “the pot,” with a potential total of up to $1 million at stake.

Upon completing the series, participants will have the option to either take an equal share of the prize money or attempt to take it all for themselves. To claim the entire pot, they must escape the mansion through its front gate. However, in this game, getting out is easier said than done.

At random intervals, the gate will open, and a getaway car will appear, giving contestants a chance to escape with “the pot.” Meanwhile, contestants will have opportunities to thwart others’ attempts to exit. “Got to Get Out” will seamlessly blend physical and mental challenges with intricate social dynamics and shifting alliances.

No exact release date has been announced, and it’s unknown if the 10-episode series will be coming to Disney+ Internationally.

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