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Hulu Releases Trailer For Andscape’s ‘Cypher’ Film

Hulu has released the trailer for Andscape’s “Cypher” film which will be released in select theaters and on Hulu in the United States on November 24, 2023.

“Cypher” follows the story of Tierra Whack, who first gained recognition at the age of 15 when she stunned viewers with her slick poetry while rapping for a YouTube channel on a Philadelphia street. The video rapidly drew thousands of views and marked the first of Tierra’s many performances for the camera. Years later, director Chris Moukarbel begins documenting her astronomical rise, going behind the scenes of concerts and music videos as she navigates fame and receives exalted praise from stars like Erykah Badu and Billie Eilish. One night, after a particularly tiring set, a seemingly innocuous fan interaction begins a series of increasingly unsettling events that swirl around Tierra and her team — even following them to Dubai. They soon start questioning who is filming whom and whether being seen (or watched) is a desirable and unavoidable part of fame.

The film is directed, written and produced by Chris Moukarbel. Tierra Whack produced the film alongside Tony Hernandez, Lilly Burns, John Hodges, Sanjay M. Sharma, Roya Rastegar, and Anthony Seyler. Natalia-Leigh Brown, Johnny Montina, Kenete Simms, Jake Fuller, Raina Kelley serve as executive producers.

Check out the trailer below:

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