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Hulu Releases Trailer For ‘El Encargado’ Season 2

Hulu has released the trailer for the second season of “El Encargado” which is available to stream now.

“El Encargado” follows Eliseo (Francella), a building superintendent who, behind the back of the homeowner association that employs him, uses and abuses his power to keep tabs on people and meddle. The building is a universe with its own dynamics and rules, and he knows them all to perfection. He lives there, works there and absorbs every detail of the residents’ lives. But underneath his obliging and submissive appearance hides a talented schemer.

Season 2 finds Eliseo happy, working in the building and living in an apartment rented by the building administration. There, he has rebuilt his operational hub installing hidden cameras in different parts of the building. By contrast, Zambrano (Goity), lives like a bum – left by his wife, he lives alone and has fallen into neglect. But all that peace is threatened when Lucila Morris (Abadi), a renowned official of a charitable NGO willing to clean up the building accounts and replace the figure of the homeowner association president with a homeowner council, moves into the building. Eliseo feels threatened fearing that Morris could find out about his deals with the different suppliers but, much to his surprise, discovers that Zambrano has his own shady businesses in the building. Even though they deeply despise each other, Eliseo and Zambrano will be forced to work together in order to deal with this new and dangerous enemy.

The series builds the story with sarcasm and dry wit, offering a critical view of the dynamics and social typologies introduced through the different characters’ stories, always from Eliseo’s unyielding point of view. Thus, “El Encargado” appeals to dark comedy fans, presenting funny situations with darker and thought-provoking undertones.

The comedy drama stars Guillermo Francella (Eliseo), Gabriel Goity (Matías Zambrano), Pochi Ducasse (Doña Beba), Gastón Cocchiarale (Miguel), María Abadi (Lucila Morris), and Martín Slipak (Maxi), featuring a special appearance of Darío Barassi (Gabriel).

The seven 30-minute episodes are written by Mariano Cohn, Gastón Duprat, and Emanuel Diez, and directed by Cohn, Duprat, Jerónimo Carranza, Diego Bliffeld, and Diez. “El Encargado” comes from Pampa Films/Gloriamundi Producciones.

Check out the trailer below:

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