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Hulu Rolls Out New Updated Interface

As part of yesterday’s National Streaming Day campaign, Hulu launched an updated app with a new interface on Roku and tvOS devices. The new interface will roll out to all devices over the summer.

The new updated interface features horizontal scrolling of movie and show collections which is more in line with Disney+ and ESPN+. This will make navigating easier for Disney Bundle subscribers to switch between services.

Navigation has also been simplified with categories like TV, Movies, and Sports allowing the viewer to use less clicks than before to find what they’re looking for.

The new interface will also highlight new content with larger tiles while the “Keep Watching” tiles will be smaller so users can see more information at a time.  Additionally, The update also includes backend changes that improve Hulu’s ability to recommend relevant content based on what users watch.

Besides the new home screen, Hulu says it’ll also roll out additional updates to the experience throughout the year, although no specific details were given on what to look for.


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