Is A Sequel to Disney-Pixar’s Brave in the Works?


A sequel to Disney-Pixar’s Brave could be in the future…that is if the filmmakers can find the right storyline. Mark Andrews, the director of Disney-Pixar’s Brave has already expressed interest in doing another film, and would like to add a host of new characters and other Scottish actors to the line-up including Kelly Macdonald, Emma Thompson and Kevin McKidd.

The director also stated the  “Scottish humor” in the original film was lost on American audiences, who only understood around half of the jokes.

According to, Andrews was speaking during a visit to Glasgow to kick off a two-week mentoring project for students from across Scotland when he said the following:

 “If we got the right story it would be fun – to get the gang back together again, add a few more new characters and find out what other Scottish talents are out there that might want to do a animated fun.  I don’t know if there will be another one. We never make a film at Pixar to have a sequel.”

It’s interesting to note that initially, Pixar made it a point of never doing sequels.  However, that practice went out the window when the company was bought by Disney.

What do you think of a Brave sequel?


  1. I hope it happens! I’d love to see a highland cow as one of the new characters. Merida it’s such a great independent princess that my daughter loves. Please make Braver!!!

  2. I wish Merida can have a love interest, one who is not a prince or anything. I want him to be a magic user from a small run down village. I also hope to see a new bear to join on Merida’s next adventure. But I would especially like to see what new challenges Merida might face and finding herself and what changes she makes. Character development.

  3. Or her love interest could be another female. They made it clear in the original film that everyone should find love in their own time, and I don’t see what’s wrong with letting her lover be a girl as well! I’d love to see that kind of representation

  4. My granddaughters and I would love to see a sequel to Brave. Always good to sit and watch an excellent movie with them. Sometimes we stop the movie and they want to talk about some of the events that just happened in the movie. Good teaching moment. Thank you for such a delightful time.

  5. Make it happen. In my opinion it was so much better than Frozen. Come on let us enjoy a little more of this brave girl. Her story about living her own life in her own terms at the right time reminds me a lot of mine. Especially the complicated relationship with her mother. Let girls and boys have the courage to live their life, even if sometimes, it means defying society, traditions or family.

  6. I want another movie, PLEASE! I love the concept of the magical wisps and wish they would elaborate on that more. Maybe she has magical powers too? Love interest or not, she needs another movie to show her passion for adventure. Heck I would LOVE more bow shooting. Plus her hair is beautifully done in the movie.

  7. With the release of ‘Outlander’ I think more adults will be more familiar, though I don’t think anything was lost on our family. We loved ‘Brave’. We connected to the Mother-Daughter storyline. And no she doesn’t need a man in a future storyline, unless it was on her terms! She’s independent and that’s part of what makes her who she is…why add a love interest? Send her on an adventure, make her take the throne, something tragic happening that puts her in change of her brothers, etc. Add in traveling to the New World, maybe. There’s a ton of storylines. Bring back ‘Brave’! 🙂

  8. I would love to see a Brave 2! More Scottish history and culture. I loved the first movie, even more than frozen too. I thought maybe seeing her defend her kingdom from Saxon attack. She can grow closer to one of the suitors through that. I’m thinking McGuffin. But would love to see her fight and save everyone through that war. Showing her strength and seeing them write their own story and finding love, eventually, like her mother said. Remember? Hope it happens. Can’t wait!

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