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Is ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ Leaving Hulu?

We’ve recently seen a massive influx of inquiries about the possibility of the hugely popular ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ leaving Hulu in May. Recently, ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ has been updated on Hulu to inform subscribers that the show is expiring on May 07 and will leave the platform. However, it’s definitely not as conclusive as it might seem when it comes to American Dad leaving Hulu. 

Read on for everything we know about CSI leaving Hulu in May 2023.

Is ‘CSI’ Leaving Hulu?

The short answer to this is maybe. As it stands, ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ is set to expire on May 07, according to the message displayed on Hulu itself. When you see that a title on Hulu is expiring, it means that a specific piece of the program is scheduled to be removed from the streaming service.

You might be thinking that’s the answer, but fear not! There are certainly a few reasons ‘CSI’ might not be going anywhere.

Hulu released a list of everything that’s leaving the streaming platform in May, and you guessed it, CSI wasn’t included. CSI is a massive title for Hulu, and maybe they wanted to keep the removal on the down low? However, Hulu generally is pretty good at ensuring this list is accurate.

Even though a title is listed as expiring on Hulu, it doesn’t actually mean it’ll leave the streaming service. For example, American Dad was listed as expiring last September, but its contract was renewed and is still currently on Hulu. It’s possible that CSI might follow a similar pattern.

That said, many are speculating that the show will move to Paramount+, which only streams seasons 1, 2 and 15 at the moment, or if they’ll share the rights between Hulu.

At the moment, we believe it’s really 50/50 if CSI will remain on Hulu, but we certainly can’t rule out the chance of it leaving completely. We’ll be sure to update this article the moment Hulu or Paramount has officially confirmed details.

Why is CSI Leaving Hulu?

Again, we don’t know for 100% certainty that CSI is leaving Hulu, but here are a few possibilities on why CSI could be leaving Hulu.

The strongest possible reason is that CSI isn’t title that Disney/Hulu own directly. It’s a CBS property meaning that Hulu is licensing the show from Paramount. This also means that Paramount+ is the natural home for this show.

Hulu bought the exclusive rights to the show in 2015 and the show has been in the platform ever since. This contract must have had an expiration date, and it’s possible that time is now up.

We’ll be sure to update this article once some official details are announced.

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  1. PLEASE leave CSI on Hulu. It’s the show that makes my life easier. It’s the only reason I keep Hulu. I will cancel if CSI leaves please, please, please keep CSI!!!!

  2. What’s the latest news on this? It didn’t expire on the date they said, but they came up with two more dates of expiration, but never expired. It’s happening again–it claims to be expiring this Sunday, May 21.


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