Is Disney+ definitely launching Mulan (2020) via Premier Access in the UK?


At the time of writing this, it is 2am, Thursday 19 August 2020.  I just clocked onto something: Disney has replaced the “No extra costs, no commitments” tag from its login page with just “No commitments”.  Could this mean that Disney+ UK is finally gearing up to launch Mulan?

I certainly hope so, because the information thus far regarding the UK has been sparse.  We’ve seen articles and articles saying that Mulan is going to launch in the UK, with no official confirmation from Disney.  While the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand all have their splash-pages and confirmed pricing, the UK was left in virtual radio silence.  All of that, however, could change in the very-near future because the 4 September launch date is rapidly approaching.  This, with the recent change in form, indicates that Disney is definitely considering a change in product, of which Premier Access (Disney’s brand for its early access fee) is.

Let me know in the comments below what you think, and whether you’d like to see Disney try this model out for other would-be-blockbusters like Black Widow.

Update: Disney has confirmed pricing for the UK. Details here.

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