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Is Disney Plus Premier Access For All Movies?

Last year, Disney introduced a new “Premier Access” option due to the pandemic closing thousands of movie theatres worldwide. This paid additional option has definitely dived opinions among Disney+ subscribers.

One of the questions we’re constantly asked, especially in our Facebook Group, is whether Premier Access covers all movies or just one movie.
Premier Access is not a subscription service; it just so happens to be available on Disney+, which is, of course, a subscription service.

Premier Access is a $30 one-time fee to watch a movie early before it’s released to all Disney+ subscribers. You are choosing to purchase one movie; therefore, it doesn’t include any prior or future Premier Access movies.

Once you have purchased a Premier Access movie, you can continue to watch it as many times you like as long as you remain an active Disney+ subscriber.

All Premier Access movies will eventually become available at no additional charge on Disney+. This is typically after around three months.

What movies are available on Premier Access?

  • Cruella
  • Black Widow (July 09)
  • Jungle Cruise (July 30)


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