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Is Newly Formed Production Company A Hint That Ghost Rider is Joining the MCU?

A newly registered Marvel Studios production LLC could hint that the studio is working on a Ghost Rider series for Disney+. “Richard Street Productions LLC” was recently revealed as one of many new production companies created by Marvel Studios. The LLC is listed as a production entity for a direct-to-consumer streaming series. Although the street name might not ring any bells, Charles Murphy over at Murphy’s Multiverse has pointed out that it is a real street in Brooklyn, not too far from the Cypress Hill Cemetery.

Readers of the 90’s Ghost Rider runs will know that Cypress Hill is a location featured throughout the comics; the cemetery itself even became the base of the Midnight Sons at one point. The same place is also featured in Ghost Rider Vol 3 #1, where we first meet Danny Ketch. Although the names of production companies often reference the events of a film or TV show, there have been times where they directly reference comics, too.

There are currently ten unannounced streaming series in various stages of development at Marvel Studios. Illuminati, Nova and Secret Wars are all possibilities to be included in that 10, as well as Ghost Rider. Limited companies are created for new projects to lessen risk and keep accounting for each project separate. If Richard Street Productions is attached to Ghost Rider, it could mean that Marvel is hiring writers and gathering talent for that project.

Source: Murphy’s Multiverse

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