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Is Taylor Swift Releasing An Eras Documentary For Disney Plus?

If you’re an admirer of Taylor Swift, you might’ve caught a glimpse of a viral poster suggesting an upcoming docuseries on Disney+, spotlighting Taylor and offering a behind-the-scenes peek at the Eras Tour. Word on the street is that this 10-episode series will be named ‘A Long Time Coming’. Is there any truth to these whispers? Read on for everything we know!

Taylor Swift ‘A Long Time Coming’ Eras Documentary Coming To Disney Plus?

Currently, Taylor Swift isn’t working with Disney+ or any other streaming service on a documentary or docuseries about the Eras tour. However, it’s certainly possible that might change in the future.

The poster, showcased below, is entirely fan-made and not genuine. If it had you believing, you’re not alone; it’s quite persuasive, but definitely fake.

Taylor Swift Eras Documentary Release Date?

Currently, nothing is confirmed, but given the swirling rumors, it would be surprising if Taylor Swift didn’t unveil something tied to the Eras tour for a streaming service. A concert film or an in-depth look at the creation of the iconic tour seems possible.

As of the most recent update, The Eras Tour is set to conclude in Toronto, Canada on November 23rd, 2024. Therefore, any related release probably won’t come before that date at the earliest.

For context, the concert film for the Reputation Stadium Tour premiered on Netflix roughly a month (Dec 31, 2018) after the tour wrapped up (Nov 21, 2018). They recorded the performance used in the film in October 2018.

Disney and Taylor Swift collaborated on “folklore: the long pond studio sessions,” which launched in November 2022. Taylor will direct her first project with Searchlight Pictures, a Disney-owned company. Given their established relationship, if Taylor Swift films anything related to Eras, Disney+ might very well host it.

We’ll be sure to update this article if Disney or Taylor confirms some official news.

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