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Is WWE Content Leaving Hulu?

Recently, multiple WWE shows, such as RAW and NXT, has been updated on Hulu to inform subscribers that the shows are expiring on either Monday, September 25, 2023 or Tuesday, September 26, 2023, and will be removed from Hulu.

However, it’s definitely not as conclusive as it might seem when it comes to WWE content being removed.

Is WWE Content Leaving Hulu?

The short answer to this is possibly, but it’s starting to look increasingly likely that WWE content will be removed from Hulu.

When Hulu Support was asked on social media about WWE content leaving Hulu, they replied with the following:

“Hulu here! Our streaming rights to WWE content are currently set to expire, but we’ll certainly share your interest in seeing them stay in our library with our team. For now, we suggest adding the shows in your My Stuff to be notified of any updates!”

This may appear quite conclusive, but Hulu support is only aware of the details that are listed on Hulu. They don’t know anything more than the average Hulu subscriber.

We observed a similar situation last September when American Dad was supposed to expire. Although Hulu support informed subscribers that the show was set to leave, it actually remained on the platform.

In other words, don’t place too much importance on information from Hulu’s social media pages.

WWE content was also slated to expire last September, but a short-term deal was negotiated to keep the shows on Hulu. It’s possible that this might happen again, however, the situation this time feels notably different, as both WWE and Disney/Hulu have undergone significant changes in the last 12 months.

Just this month, WWE and UFC have combined forces to form a new company called TKO. Meanwhile, Disney is looking to cut costs and limit the content it licenses for Hulu. This is especially important as Hulu content is set to become available in Disney+ later this year.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see this deal between WWE and Hulu come to an end, but considering that a last-minute agreement was reached last year, it’s difficult to predict which way things might go this time.

Which WWE Shows Are Leaving Content?

If WWE and Hulu don’t agree to new licensing deal, it’s expected that the following shows will be removed from Hulu:

  • Monday Night RAW
  • Friday Night SmackDown
  • NXT
  • WWE Main Event
  • WWE Superstars
  • NXT Level Up
  • WWE en Español
  • WWE 205 Live
  • Miz and Mrs
  • Total Divas
  • Total Bellas

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