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‘Jacinta’ Soundtrack Now Available

Konsonant Records has released the soundtrack album for the Original Documentary “Jacinta” which premiered on Hulu and in select theaters on October 8th.  The soundtrack is available on a variety of different platforms including Spotify and Amazon.

The album features the film’s original music composed by Gil Talmi who has previously worked on The Great Hack, All In: The Fight for Democracy, Savannah, and Desert Migration.

You can view the track list from the album below:

1. Comfort (1:47)
2. I Loved The Way She Spoke (1:32)
3. Attachment, Detachment (1:49)
4. Wiping Away Tears (1:36)
5. One Second Chance (1:14)
6. Dreams of Dreams (1:07)
7. The Longing, The Pull (2:10)
8. Automatic Connection (1:32)
9. Beginnings Remembered (1:36)
10. I’m Not a Bad Person (1:39)
11. Relapse (2:09)
12. Detox (2:28)
13. I Can’t Have You Go Back (1:10)
14. I Never Expected This to Happen (2:09)
15. 15 Year Call (1:52)
16. I’m Just Tired (1:59)
17. All We Can Do Is Hope (5:13)
18. Doing Things Differently (2:38)
19. Goodbyes (3:24)
20. The Things We Do For Love (2:54)

“Jacinta” is an intimate portrait of mothers and daughters, the effects of trauma and a young woman’s fight for her future.

You can check out a trailer for the documentary below:

Source: Film Music Reporter

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