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Review: ‘Limitless with Chris Hemsworth’

National Geographic’s new documentary ‘Limitless’ sees star Chris Hemsworth compete in challenging situations that test his strength and ability to make some long-term gains out of short-term pain. 

One of the things that make documentaries like Limitless so unique & excellent is the way that they don’t just focus on the celebrity and their star power; they instead fill themselves with the science behind it and put the limelight on experts instead, bringing in an audience that might not usually watch a NatGeo documentary, but do and end up staying for more than just the star they intended on seeing.

Through conversations with Chris, we learn about ongoing theories and research surrounding prolonging our lifespans and improving our quality of life. The way the scientists in Limitless go about this is through different challenges set for Chris – none, of course, should be done without expert supervision. Still, they can prove that going about living a healthier, longer life can be done in a much more moderate approach that is still effective. 

Part of the show features beautiful National Geographic photography and an often shirtless Hemsworth pushing himself to the limit. Still, it also features more intimate and illustrated science discussions while providing more moderate tips you could use in your daily life.

Limitless is a really enjoyable and fun show to watch whether you like documentary shows or not, Chris Hemsworth’s admirable strength and literally ‘limitless’ character are bound to win you over.

Limitless with Chris Hemsworth premieres exclusively on Disney+ on November 16th.


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