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List of Disney+ Series Still Waiting For Renewal or Cancellation

Disney has released many original series on Disney+ in the last 14 months and many of them have been renewed for a second or even a third season in some cases. We wanted to highlight some of the series that are currently in limbo due to no announcements on being renewed or cancelled.

Disney has been quick to announce second seasons on multiple shows so it’s likely quite a few of the titles listed below haven’t been renewed. It’s also worth noting that some series were always expected to have just one season.

Here’s a look at all of the Disney+ series that have not been renewed or cancelled.

Be Our Chef

Prediction: 50/50

Hosted by Angela Kinsey, Be Our Chef invited families from diverse backgrounds to join a Disney-inspired cooking competition at Walt Disney World that is positive and playful in tone.

Disney has made no formal announce on a second season. The show debuted in March 2020 so we’d expect to hear news on a second season soon, if it’s even on the cards. Covid may have had an impact on filming, or the show may have been cancelled completely. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a second season as the show appeared popular and was a great commercial for the parks.

Disney Family Sundays

Prediction: Leaning Cancelled

Crafter extraordinaire, Amber Kemp-Gerstel, shares her passion for crafting with young families in a series of Disney-inspired DIY projects. Each episode highlights a different beloved Disney property with a one-of-a-kind craft, designed for families to build as a team. Amber guides them through an easy to follow, step-by-step process while exploring what makes Disney so special to each family.

Reviews were mixed on Disney Family Sundays and we’ve heard no rumors of a second season or any official word from Disney. On this one, we’re leaning cancelled.

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings

© Disney

Prediction: Leaning renewed

Hosted by real-life couple Stephen “tWitch” Boss (“The Ellen Show”) and Allison Holker (“Dancing with the Stars”), the series goes inside the intimate plans of each couple as they celebrate their unique love stories with the help of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons. From Freeform Studios, Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings is produced by T Group Productions, Roberts Media, and Legacy Productions, with Ann Lewis Roberts and Simon Lythgoe serving as executive producers.

Considering the popularity of the show and the eagerness among Disney fans to have their own Disney-themed weddings, we’re definitely leaning towards Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings being renewed. The show is a huge advertisement for Disney Parks, Disney Cruise Line, and Aulani, but, of course, the pandemic has had huge impacts on filming in these locations so we wouldn’t expect to see the show return anytime soon.

Earth To Ned

Prediction: Leaning renewed

From the Jim Henson Company comes a late-night talk show hosted by alien commander Ned and his lieutenant Cornelius, who call off the invasion of Earth after they fall in love with human culture. Broadcasting from the bridge of their spaceship, hidden deep underground, Ned and Cornelius interview Earth’s greatest resource, celebrities. With the help of the ship’s artificial intelligence, BETI, and the destructive CLODs, Ned must keep his show a secret from his home planet or suffer the wrath of his father, the Admiral of the Galactic Fleet.

Earth To Ned just debuted with an additional 10 episodes in January 2021, after originally debuting in September 2020. The format of the shows clearly allows Disney to scale the show quite quickly so we can definitely see further episodes in the future. Disney hasn’t officially confirmed any details either way.


Prediction: Leaning Cancelled

Executive producer Kristen Bell brings together former castmates of a high school musical, tasking them with re-creating their original performance in high school reunion like no other. Emotions run high as the former students face faded friendships, former flames, self-doubt, and killer choreography. Through it all, these unlikely groups of friends—with the help of Broadway’s best—just might pull off a standing-ovation-worthy performance of beloved musicals like “The Sound of Music,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Annie” and more.

Encore! was a launch title for Disney+ back in November 2019, and as of writing, we’ve not heard if the series will be returning for a second season. Disney has announced second seasons for other launch titles, such as The World According to Jeff Goldblum, so we’re leaning towards a cancellation on this one.

Forky Asks A Question

Prediction: 50/50

Forky, in Disney and Pixar’s Toy Story 4, is a craft project created from trash, has important questions about how the world works, such as: What is love? What is time? And of course, the deepest question of all, What is cheese? He explores all of these questions and more in a collection of 10 shorts.

Forky Asks a Question creator (and Pixar voice actor) Bob Peterson was asked if audiences can expect Forky to return, Peterson is ambivalent. “It’s kind of in my court whether to go on with it,” he said. “At the moment I’m so busy with the next streaming project demo that I haven’t really written any scripts or pondered, but it’s still a possibility.”

The shorts are hugely popular with audiences, and the shorts even picked up an Emmy, but based on Patersons comments, it does appear this one is a classic 50/50.

Inside Pixar

Prediction: Likely Renewed

A documentary series of personal and cinematic stories that provide an inside look into the people, artistry, and culture of Pixar Animation Studios.

Disney hasn’t officially announced if more episodes will be coming but five episodes were released as part of a “Inspired” collection, so the wording suggests more episodes could be expected in other collections.

Update: New episodes arriving on February 12, 2021.

It’s A Dog’s Life with Bill Farmer

Prediction: Leaning renewed

The iconic voice of Goofy and Pluto for more than 30 years, Disney Legend Bill Farmer steps out from behind the microphone to meet his own favorite characters — dogs! Join Bill as he crosses the country meeting dogs doing all kinds of incredible jobs that make our lives better.

Bill, speaking with Collider said “We have researchers that have been scouring the internet to find stories, and we came up with 50-some stories, very easily, that we would like to do in a Season 2. Even since the coronavirus, I found that there are dogs that they’re teaching to smell for coronavirus. That would be a perfect story to begin the second season with. It’s amazing, the stories and the occupations that some of these dogs have. We could do several more seasons without running out of ideas.”

It sounds like Bill Farmer is definitely pushing for further seasons but whether Disney will commission more is another story. The show was a hit with audiences and critics for the most part so a second season is definitely possible.

Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Prediction: Leaning renewed

Disney’s Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom premiered on Disney+ in late September offering viewers a backstage pass to explore the magic of nature within Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and The Seas with Nemo & Friends at EPCOT. Disney+’s Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, is produced by National Geographic and narrated by the award-winning, fan-favourite Josh Gad.

The show was a huge hit with audiences and Disney’s Animal Kingdom offers endless content for a second season. Due to Covid-19, Disney has laid off thousands of cast members across multiple divisions in their business, with the parks being heavily impacted with layoffs. A sad reality is that multiple cast members featured in the Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom may no longer be employed at Walt Disney World. We don’t think that Disney will be renewing this show until there is some normalcy in the world, but that will eventually happen, which could easily mean new seasons in the future.

Marvel 616

Prediction: 50/50

Marvel’s 616 explores Marvel’s rich legacy of pioneering characters, creators and storytelling to reflect the world outside your window. Each documentary, helmed by a unique filmmaker, showcases the intersections of storytelling, pop culture, and fandom within the Marvel Universe. Episodes in this anthology series will cover topics including Marvel’s world-spanning artists, the trailblazing women of Marvel Comics, discovering the “forgotten” characters of Marvel, and much more.

Speaking to RadioTimes.com, Marvel’s 616 executive producer Sarah Amos insisted that there are many more stories to tell beyond the initial eight.

“But yes, we definitely… we have so many amazing creators and stories and characters to play with that we could continue to tell these types of stories for a very long time.”

Although Marvel clearly have the scope to expand Marvel’s 616, it doesn’t necessarily mean more episodes will be ordered. Disney will, of course, take viewership and finances into consideration. Our prediction is 50/50 on this one.

Meet The Chimps

Prediction: Leaning Renewed

Meet the Chimps takes viewers into the secret life of one of the largest and most unique wildlife sanctuaries in the world – Chimp Haven—a 200-acre refuge tucked deep in the forested heart of Louisiana, which is home to more than 300 chimpanzees. Narrated by Emmy Award-winning actress Jane Lynch, this six-part series, from National Geographic, tracks the ups and downs of this extraordinary group of chimps that are given a second chance at life by a staff whose dedication, compassion and commitment knows no bounds. Through a seamless blend of natural history and observational-documentary filmmaking, Meet the Chimps puts the chimps – the heart and soul of the series – at front and center. A real-life drama with a full emotional range, the series gives unparalleled access to everything happening at Chimp Haven, including food squabbles, alliances, romances, ‘bromances’, tears, tantrums, high jinxes and heartbreaks.

The show only debuted on Disney+ in October 2020 and was popular with audiences and critics. The series is likely one of the cheaper shows to make and works well in a Covid world. We can see a second season in the future.

Muppets Now

Prediction: Leaning Renewed

Muppets Now is The Muppets Studio’s first unscripted series and first original series for Disney+. In the six-episode season, Scooter rushes to make his delivery deadlines and upload the brand-new Muppet series for streaming. They are due now, and he’ll need to navigate whatever obstacles, distractions, and complications the rest of the Muppet gang throws at him.

We know that Disney wants to expand its overall lineup, especially when it comes to original shows. If the Muppets are a brand that they want to endorse, which we think they do, renewing the show is the best way to do that. We can see future episodes coming.

On Pointe

Prediction: Leaning Cancelled

On Pointe is a six-part docu-series that captures a season in the School of American Ballet (SAB) in New York City. Featuring unprecedented access to the famous ballet institution, the series follows the lives of the students ages 8 to 18 pursuing their dreams to become ballet dancers. While older students from all over the country rigorously train for professional careers, younger students from New York City are put through their paces as they rehearse and perform in New York City Ballet’s holiday classic “George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker” onstage at Lincoln Center.

There’s been no announced from Disney regarding a second season but the show certainly has the feeling of a limited series. In the wording Disney used above does suggests this, and director and producer, Larissa Bills, also used language implying that On Pointe is a one-time event. We’re leaning cancelled on this one.

One Day At Disney

Prediction: Likely Cancelled

One Day at Disney is a new collaboration between Disney Publishing Worldwide and Disney+ highlighting the talented men and women who bring life to some of Disney’s most beloved stories.

One Day at Disney focused on cast members across Disney’s wide range of businesses. With thousands of cast members laid off, it doesn’t seem appropriate for a second season right now. No official announcement from Disney but we’re going cancelled on this one.

Pick of the Litter

Prediction: Leaning Ended

A docu-series based on the film of the same name, featuring the stories of service animals, their trainers, and their human companions. Follow the six loveable dogs ; Paco, Pacino, Tulane, Raffi, Amara, and Tartan as they embark on a fascinating and suspenseful quest to become Guide Dogs For the Blind, the ultimate canine career.

The series was popular with audiences but the show did have a limited series vibe so it’s possible it may have naturally ended. With that being said, there’s of course new dogs always been trained so a second season would be an easy way to expand original content.

Prop Culture

Prediction: Leaning Renewed

Film historian and prop collector Dan Lanigan reunites iconic Disney movie props with the filmmakers, actors, and crew who created and used them in some of Disney’s most beloved films. Throughout this journey, Dan will recover lost artifacts, visit private collections, and help restore pieces from the Walt Disney Archives to their original glory. Among the films featured this season are Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Mary Poppins, The Muppet Movie, Tron and Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Executive produced Dan Lanigan commented “The people we’ve talked to at Disney want to do a second season. It just comes down to how successful it is.”

With endless possibilities for future episodes, the show being very popular with audiences and critics, we think there’s a good chance of a second season in the future.

Rouge Trip


Rogue Trip is a travel guide to all the places the average tourist is least likely to venture – the roguish nations, territories and regions often misunderstood and frequently overlooked, but each possessing a unique power to surprise, amaze and inspire. Led by ABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff and his 28-year-old son, Mack Woodruff, the two will take viewers on a globe-trotting adventure that will expose the grit and glamour of travel. They’ll share inside jokes, dirty laundry and cramped hotel rooms as Bob teaches his son about the hidden places he loves most. Expect the unexpected in this father-son guide to the beautiful, breathtaking and often hopeful experiences to be had on the edge of chaos.

Pre-pandemic we would have expected Rogue Trip to be renewed for a second season due to its popularity with audiences and critics. The whole premise of the show is traveling to different countries which is of course something that isn’t possible at the moment. As it could still be quite awhile until international travel is widely acceptable, we think it’s a solid 50/50 if Disney will commission another season.

Shop Class

Prediction: 50/50

A new competition series featuring teams of young builders, who are tasked with designing, building, and testing unique creations. In each episode, a panel of experts will evaluate and test their work based on design creativity, and build functionality. In the finale episode, one team will be named Shop Class Champs.

Shop Class appeared popular with audiences and it’s a show that could clearly have further seasons, but with no news, this one is 50/50 for us and will come down to viewership numbers.

The Big Fib

Prediction: 50/50

Ever thought you could spot a fib better than a kid? Find out on The Big Fib. A new Disney+ game show, hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown and featuring Rhys Darby as her robot sidekick, C.L.I.V.E. In each episode of this comedy game show, a kid starts by playing a warm-up round where a silly liar and an authentic expert share fabulous fibs and fun facts. Starring up and coming comedic talent, this round is played for laughs as well as always having a nugget of real information about the topic be it ice-cream, tree-climbing or toy design. Next our kid contestant plays the main round where they question an expert who’s paired with a really good liar on the same topic. It’s up to our kid to find the fibber.

Disney already commissioned a further 15 episodes which debuted in October 2020. Although the show wasn’t popular with critics, it’s clearly pulling in the numbers. We can definitely see more episodes in the future.

The Imagineering Story

Prediction: Ended

Creating happiness is hard work. This six-hour saga by Academy Award nominated director, Leslie Iwerks, chronicles the sixty-seven year history of Walt Disney Imagineering, a place best described as equal parts artist studio, design center, think tank and innovation laboratory. This is where an eclectic group of creative people bring ideas to life. They’re responsible for building twelve theme parks around the world – the Happiest Places on Earth.

The series was a huge hit with Disney fans and many would expect further seasons. However, reportedly the series took 7 years to make so it’s not something that can just be churned out. However, we could see this hopefully inspiring deep dive documentary series on other aspects of Disney. Something like that could be possibly be branded as a second season focusing on a different “Story” about another part of Disney (for example, The Animating Story).

Director, Leslie Iwerks commented, “We certainly believe the Imagineering story is not finished — we’re constantly doing new things, we’ve constantly got new projects underway, we have so much even in our immediate future in the next few years.”

We’re going to put this down as ended but we’re hopeful for the future!

The Right Stuff

Prediction: Almost Certain Renewal

Based on the bestselling book by Tom Wolfe, the eight-episode season is an inspirational look at the early days of the U.S. Space Program and the iconic story of America’s first astronauts, the Mercury 7.

The two men at the center of it all are Major John Glenn (Patrick J. Adams), a revered Marine test pilot and committed family man, and Lieutenant Commander Alan Shepard (Jake McDorman), one of the best test pilots in Navy history. Other members of the Mercury 7 include Captain Gordo Cooper (Colin O’Donoghue), the youngest of the seven selected to everyone’s surprise; Wally Schirra (Aaron Staton), a competitive pilot with a gift for pulling pranks; Scott Carpenter (James Lafferty), dubbed “The Poet” by the other astronauts; Deke Slayton, (Micah Stock), a taciturn but incredibly intelligent pilot and engineer; and Gus Grissom, (Michael Trotter), a decorated military veteran who eventually becomes the second man in space.

According to Deadline, National Geographic’s The Right Stuff  has been renewed for a second season.  The NASA series which streams on Disney+ has reportedly been given $13.7 million to move production from Florida to California.

Disney+ has not officially announced a second season for The Right Stuff, however the streaming service has hinted in the past that more seasons are planned for the series.

Disney said the following in a press release:

Subsequent seasons of The Right Stuff will carry through to the epochal Apollo Space Program, where humankind saw one of its greatest achievements — man setting foot on the moon — and missions beyond.

The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse

Prediction: Certain Renewed

In “The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse,” it’s nothing but fun and excitement for Mickey and his best pals – Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto – as they embark on their greatest adventures yet, navigating the curveballs of a wild and zany world where the magic of Disney makes the impossible possible. Each seven-minute short is filled with laugh-out-loud comedy, modern settings, timeless stories, new music and the unmistakable classic art style of the “Mickey Mouse” shorts. The series will include stories inspired by various lands at Disney parks and cameos by classic Disney heritage characters.

No official confirmation from Disney either way but Mickey is always a hit so we think it’s likely we’ll see further episodes in the future.

Update: Disney has announced 10 additional shorts will be coming Summer 2021.

Weird But True!

Prediction: Leaning Renewal

This 13-episode season includes weekly guest appearances from renowned astrophysicist Michio Kaku and Nat Geo Photographers and Explorers, including Anand Varma, and professor and founder of SciStarter Darlene Cavalier. Whether hunting for dinosaur fossils, hiking volcanoes or flying planes, the science-loving duo Charlie and Carly inspires kids to get excited about the world around them.

Originally airing on National Geographic Kids, it became a Disney+ Original for its third season, which debuted 14 August 2020. The series has been popular enough for three seasons so we can see Disney renewing the show.

Upcoming Disney+ Originals

There’s a number of shows we won’t include on this list yet because it’s too early to tell what their future is:

  • WandaVision
  • The Falcon and Winter Soldier
  • Star Wars: The Bad Batch
  • Loki
  • Hawkeye
  • What If…?
  • Ms. Marvel

Disney+ Originals That Have Been Renewed

The following series have been renewed for a second season:

  • The Mandalorain (Season 3)
  • Diary of a Future President (Season 2)
  • The World According to Jeff Goldblum (Season 2)
  • High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (Season 2)

Many of the above series were pushed back due to the pandemic so the exact release date for these are unknown.

Which series would you like to see renewed? Let us know in the comments!

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