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Loungefly Celebrates Peter Pan 70th Anniversary With New Collection

In celebration of the 70th anniversary of Disney’s 1953 animated classic Peter Pan, Loungefly has just announced their latest assortment featuring a mini backpack, wallet, crossbody bag, apparel and more! Available in February 2023, this assortment is the latest addition to Loungefly’s extensive Disney lineup.

Showcasing Peter Pan and the Darling siblings, including Wendy, John and Michael, soaring through their bedroom with help from the famously sweet and sassy Tinker Bell, the whimsical collection includes Loungefly’s signature mini backpack (MSRP: $80), crossbody bag (MSRP: $75), zip around wallet (MSRP: $40) and lanyard with a cardholder (MSRP: $12). Accessories are made with high-quality, durable vegan leather, as well as a three-inch collector box pin (MSRP: $20), four-piece pin set (MSRP: $20) and two enamel keychains, featuring Tink’s silver glitter wings and the beloved St. Bernard, Nana (MSRP: $12).

From Stitch Shoppe by Loungefly, the brand’s first high-end apparel line that promotes body positivity, the collection also features meticulously designed clothing, including an embroidered Kelly-style top sprinkled with Tinker Bell’s magical pixie dust (MSRP: $35) and a colorful “Sandy” skirt illustrating Peter Pan and the Darling siblings soaring to Neverland (MSRP: $70), as well as an exclusive crossbody bag shaped as a vintage lantern with Tinker Bell fluttering inside (MSRP: $125).

Loungefly intricately designs its backpacks, wallets, crossbody bags, apparel and small accessories to tell wearable stories inspired by the most beloved franchises in the world. Crafted with care and precision, Loungefly leaves no detail overlooked, so fans can find value in every stitch. From bag zippers to printed linings, Loungefly’s accessories showcase an authentic passion for the fandom that collectors proudly wear.

You can check out some images from the new collection below:


The collection will be available on Loungefly.com in February 2023.

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