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Love, Victor Episode 4 Review

Love, victor follows Victor, a new student at Creekwood High School. He’s on his own journey of discovery, with challenges at home, adjusting to a new city, and struggles with his sexuality.

This is a review of Love, Victor episode 4 ahead of its release on Friday 5th March (UK)

We’re 4 episodes into Love, Victor and the focus of this week’s episode is exploring character history in more depth. We learn about Victor’s family, in particular his Mum, and the events have a direct impact on the relationship between Victor, Pilar and their mum.

This serves as distraction for Victor, which impacts his game of basketball. The events lead to us learning a lot more about Victor’s family history which also sets up an issue that will no doubt be dealt with later on in the series.

Victor isn’t the only one having family issues, we get to learn more about Mia’s relationship with her dad and the issues that meeting his new girlfriend brings.

Episode 4 serves to flesh out the series’ main characters a little more, and focuses less on the other issues Victor faces, although I’m certain that the family side of things will no doubt have an impact for Victor further down the line.

A typical mid-season episode that was an easy watch, Love, Victor continues to be a fun, fresh modern story that is enjoyable to watch.

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