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Love, Victor – Episode 8 Review

Episode 8 of Love, Victor is probably the first episode so far that really feels like “Love, Simon” – the movie that this series is a sequel to. After Victor shared a kiss with Benji, he needs some guidance, so he turns to Simon. He heads to New York to hang out with Simon and his friends.

There are plenty of key moments this week as Victor really becomes his true self, including a particularly touching scene. I really feel like this episode is a key point in the series that will probably mean a lot to people who have gone through similar experiences as Victor. The episode shows how supportive the LGBTQ+ community are which I think will be a great support to people experiencing the same things as Victor.

The episode deals with its sensitive subjects perfectly, it’s a serious episode that lightens the mood with humour. Of course, the main focus is Victor but the subplots that involve his friends and family help to fill the story out, with season 2 coming in the summer, I think it’s a good thing to have more than one storyline going on.

The best episode of the series so far, which features a big moment for Victor that has the potential to shape the way he is in the future of the series.

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