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‘Marvel Zombies’ Animated Series Coming To Disney+ in 2024

Today at the San Diego Comic Con, during Marvel Studios’ Animation Panel, it was announced that “Marvel Zombies” will premiere on Disney+ in 2024.  It was also announced that the series will be TV-MA and there will be much more gore.

The animated series “Marvel Zombies” from Marvel Studios reimagines the Marvel Universe as a new generation of heroes battle against an ever-spreading zombie scourge.  The show will feature animated zombie versions of popular heroes and villains, such as Wanda Maximoff, Ghost, Hawkeye, Abomination, Captain Marvel, a Captain America, Ikaris, and more.


The new survivors of this zombie apocalypse were shown to be Yelena, Kate Bishop, Jimmy Woo, Shang-Chi, Kamala Khan, Death Dealer, Red Guardian, and Awkwafina’s Katy



The series is directed by executive producer Bryan Andrews and written by executive producer Zeb Wells.

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