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Marvel’s “Black Widow” Could Be Delayed Further

The entertainment industry has taken a serious hit due to COVID-19 with thousands of movie theaters across the globe still closed. As a result, Disney and other studios moved multiple major movie releases.

Marvel’s “Black Widow” has definitely seen its fair share of delays.  The film was originally scheduled to hit theaters on May 1, 2020, and then pushed back to November 09, 2020, in the US and October 30, 2020, in the UK.

Deadline, who is generally a good source, has reported that they’ve heard a “whisper” that the movie will be delayed again. No potential new release date was revealed and Disney declined to comment on the “whisper”.

A major reason why Disney might delay “Black Widow” would be due to Warner Brothers “Tenet”, which was released in theatres recently, being a box office flop. Disney definitely wouldn’t take the gamble unless major markets are in a strong position from Covid-19. A delay could be closer to the holidays or even 2021 looking likely.

Another option is to move the movie direct to Disney+ via Premier Access. Disney is reportedly happy with the performance of “Mulan” but “Black Widow” is set to take a huge box office amount and Disney might struggle to pull those numbers via Premier Access.

November is quickly approaching so it’s likely we’ll be hearing more about this very soon.

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