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Marvel’s ‘Man-Thing’ Halloween Special Rumored To Be In Development at Disney+

According to ScreenGeek, Marvel Studios is currently developing a Man-Thing Halloween special for Disney+.

The outlet reports the following: Marvel is currently developing a Man-Thing Halloween special for Disney Plus. It’s expected that they want to emphasize the horror aspects of the character, and make this project a complete horror-themed special. And while they haven’t decided who will be playing the titular character, they’re currently in search of a big name to fill the role.

If you aren’t familiar with Man-Thing, the article points out that the character first appeared in Savage Tales #1, which premiered in May of 1971. The character became so popular that not only did Man-Thing appear in various other comics, but he was eventually granted his own series. The character originated as Dr. Theodore “Ted” Sallis, where he worked as a biochemist in the Everglades. Eventually, however, a combination of both magic and swamp mutagens transformed him into the aforementioned Man-Thing. He doesn’t have a human intellect, which makes it difficult for the character to interact with the rest of society.

The only previous live-action adaptation of the character was a Man-Thing film distributed on the Syfy channel in 2005 which received poor reviews.   The character also had a small Easter Egg in Thor: Ragnarok.

Since nothing has been officially announced by Marvel or Disney, we will treat this as a rumor for now.  If the above information is true, then the project will mark the third Marvel holiday special in the works at Disney+.  The streamer also has a Werewolf by Night Halloween special and A Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday special written and directed by James Gunn currently in development.

Source: Screengeek.net

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