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Marvel’s “What If…?” Season 2 Coming To Disney+ This Holiday Season

Today, Disney+ shared its Season’s Streaming holiday line-up which included the second season of Marvel’s “What If…” series.  An exact Disney+ release date has not been revealed yet but should be announced very soon.

In Season 2, The Watcher continues the journey as our guide through the vast multiverse, introducing brand-new and familiar faces throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The animated anthology series questions, revisits and twists classic Marvel Cinematic moments with an incredible voice cast that includes a host of stars who reprise their iconic roles.

The upcoming Season 2 will feature a total of nine episodes, maintaining the same episode count as Season 1.

Below are the episode titles that were previously shared from X user The Nerd Rage Podcast:

• What if Gamora killed Thanos?

• What if Captain Carter finds Hydra Stomper? (Continued from Season 1) •

What if the Tesseract landed in Haudenosaunee Confederacy before the colonization of America? (Introduction of new hero Kahhori)

• What if Hank Pym & Janet Van Dyne fought the Red Guardian during 1980’s?

• What if Yondu delivered Star-Lord to Ego?

• What if Happy Hogan saved Christmas? (Iron Man 3)

• What if Wanda had grown up watching musicals instead of sitcoms?

• What if Odin & Hela had faced Wenwu?

• What if Avengers had fought Surtur?

Marvel’s animated series “What If…?” premiered on Disney+ Summer 2021 and was an instant hit with fans.  The series flips the script on the MCU, reimagining famous events from the films in unexpected ways. The show was nominated for three Emmy’s and renewed for a second and third season.

All episodes from Season 1 of “What If…?” are available to stream now on Disney+.

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