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Marvel’s ‘What If’ Series Release Date Reportedly Revealed

UPDATE: Murphy’s Multiverse states they have talked to Disney. A release date has not been set yet for What If and the original report was in error.


A  new report from the site, badtaste.it, claims they have a press release from Disney which lists the debut date for Marvel Studios animated series “What If.”  The article states the show will arrive on Disney+ on Friday, August 6th.  You can see that image below:

The image also shows that an episode of Marvel’s “Legends” will premiere on July 30th.

The first season of “What If” will reportedly consist of 10 episodes and a second season is already in the works.  Each episode will explore what might have happened if things had gone differently in each of the Marvel Studios films such as “What If Peggy Carter was given the Super Soldier Serum?” or “What If T’Chala was Starlord”?. The alternate tales will be narrated by Uatu, The Watcher (voiced by Jeffrey Wright).

You can see some first images which were recently released for the series here.

Update: Disney has confirmed that the series will NOT be released on August 06, 2021.

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