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“Moana 2” Trailer Expected At Super Bowl

During Disney’s Investors Day in 2020, Disney announced that a “Moana” series would be coming to Disney+. We’ve received a few updates on the series since then, but nothing substantial such as a release date.

During their latest investor call, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that the project has evolved into a sequel movie, titled “Moana 2,” scheduled to premiere in theaters on November 27, 2024.

”Moana 2” Teaser Trailer Date

Although a first look video was released for “Moana 2” alongside the announcement, it did not provide much insight into the upcoming movie.

However, Daniel Richtman, a respected insider known for his accurate predictions regarding trailer release dates, has reported that the first teaser trailer for “Moana 2” will debut during the 2024 Super Bowl, which is happening this weekend, Sunday, February 11, 2024.

While the movie is still many months away and we only received the announcement this week, it would typically be unusual to release a trailer so quickly. However, since Disney has likely been working on this project for many years—originally planning it as a Disney+ series—they probably have more than enough footage to release a trailer.

Since Disney has not confirmed any plans for Super Bowl trailers, it’s best to consider this as a rumor for now, but we’ll have an answer in just a few days!

What Other Trailers Might Debut?

Disney has always had a big presence at the Super Bowl, and this year is expected to be the same. You can our dedicated article about which Disney trailers might debut during the Super Bowl here.



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