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‘Moon Knight’ Producers Join Marvel’s ‘Fantastic Four’

Moon Knight producers Grant Curtis and Nick Pepin already have their next project lined up.  The two will serve as producers on Marvel Studios’ “Fantastic Four” film.

Curtis and Pepin recently wrapped up their duties as producers on the Disney+ Original series Moon Knight.  All six episodes of Moon Knight are available to stream now on Disney+.

The news was shared by Moon Knight head writer Jeremy Slater in an interview with The Direct.  You can see what Slater said below:

Grant and Nick are amazing executives. They’re going to find brilliant writers and brilliant directors. And they don’t need my stink anywhere near that project. I can’t wait to see it as a fan, but I just know that no one will ever accept a Jeremy Slater Fantastic Four movie for very good reason.

Earlier, this month it was revealed that Jon Watts had exited as director of the project and a replacement has not been named yet.

Not much is known about the “Fantastic Four” reboot except characters Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic), Sue Storm (Invisible Woman), Johnny Storm (Human Torch) and Ben Grimm (The Thing) will return.

Source: The Direct

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