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More Details Emerge About Upcoming Disney+ Group Watch Feature

Earlier this weekend, I broke the news that Disney+ is introducing a Group Watch feature.  It has since been picked up by numerous other blogs in the space, which is great!  I gave a lot of information in that post but, to summarise, here we go:


I did some more searching and came across this:

The feature doesn’t seem to be a half-baked one, Disney has given this a lot of thought.  If you don’t want to read through lines of source code, here’s what else I’ve got:

  • The feature will work for all movies and shows available in the regions of all participants,
  • Once a Group Watch for a particular asset (movie or show) has ended, participants can choose whether to watch something else,
    • If a participant chooses to watch something else within the Group Watch, there will be a moment to let all other participants synchronise streams
  • All participants can control the video; doing so will notify the others with a bubble saying “[Profile Name] has paused/played the video”

I think that about covers it.  As to when this feature will launch, I can’t say.  There is explicit mention in the code about Premier Access, so they’ll definitely want to have it in time for Mulan.  If I was a betting man, I would say they launch the feature a few days before Mulan to test it out.

Hopefully, you found this as exciting as I did.  There is some other stuff in the source code which, though interesting, doesn’t warrant a full article.  I’m tweeting them out as I find them, so be sure to follow my Twitter @BufferOnYT!

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