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More “The Mandalorian” Funko POPs Coming Soon

Funko POP already released some Mandalorian versions a few months back, but now new versions of Mando, fellow bounty hunters like Greef Karga and Q9-Zero, Jawas, and even Werner Herzog as The Client will be released.

A two-pack Pop! Mandalorian and IG-11™ is a Barnes and Noble exclusive.

A Pop! Death Watch Mandalorian is available exclusively at GameStop.

A Mandalorian with flame Pop! is available exclusively at Target.

A Trandoshan Thug™ is available exclusively at Walgreens.

A Mandalrian wearing Beskar™ armor is available exclusively at Amazon.

There’s no specific release date for The Mandalorian Funko POPs in 2020 but we’ll let you know!

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