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‘Motherland: Fort Salem’ Vol. 2 Soundtrack Available Now

Hollywood Records has released the new soundtrack album for Freeform’s Original series “Motherland: Fort Salem.” The album features selections of the original score from the show’s second and third seasons composed by Brandon Roberts.  Roberts has previously worked on Chaos WalkingThe Woman in Black 2: Angel of DeathUnderwaterFear Street Part 2: 1978The Twilight Zone, and TURN: Washington’s Spies. Also included are lead actress Taylor Hickson’s covers of Peter Gabriel’s The Book of Love and The Velvet Underground’s I’ll Be Your Mirror.

The soundtrack is available on various digital platforms including Spotify and Amazon.

You can view the track list from the album below:

1. Ancient Lullaby (feat. Uyanga Bold & Rafe Pearlman) (1:21)
2. Who Is Nicte Batan? (feat. Uyanga Bold) (2:15)
3. The Book of Love – Taylor Hickson (2:45)
4. All Things Change (3:16)
5. Minerva Bellweather (feat. Uyanga Bold) (1:32)
6. Samhain (1:52)
7. Raelle, Scylla, & the Kiss (2:42)
8. Alder’s Song of Mourning – Lyne Renée (1:08)
9. Penelope & the Witch Plague (feat. Uyanga Bold) (2:17)
10. Alder’s Goodbye (feat. Uyanga Bold) (3:01)
11. I’ll Be Your Mirror – Taylor Hickson (2:01)
12. The Marshalls (1:47)
13. The Mycelium & the Mother (2:52)
14. Witches in the Rain (feat. Uyanga Bold) (1:42)
15. Light My Fire (feat. Uyanga Bold) (3:44)
16. Willa’s Sacrifice (2:40)
17. The First Song (feat. Uyanga Bold) (1:21)
18. A Witches’ Place (1:51)

Season 3 of “Motherland: Fort Salem” airs on Freeform in the US and streams the next day on Hulu. The third season will begin streaming on Disney+ in Canada on Wednesday, August 24, 2022, with the first two episodes; new episodes will then release weekly.

The end of season 2 of “Motherland: Fort Salem” left Abigail, Tally, Raelle and Scylla fugitives on the run. Now without a military nor a home, they seek protection alongside the Dodger community in the Cession — but laying low and staying out of trouble has never been their strong suit. With witch hunters working against them from inside the White House, our heroes must call upon ancient forces in the final battle for their right to exist.

The series stars Taylor Hickson, Jessica Sutton, Ashley Nicole Williams, Amalia Holm, Demetria McKinney and Lyne Renée. In addition, fan-favorites Sheryl Lee Ralph (as President Wade), Victor Webster (as Blanton Silver), Tony Giroux (as Adil) and Catherine Lough Haggquist (as Petra Bellweather) will be back as recurring cast members. Executive produced by Eliot Laurence, Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Kevin Messick, Amanda Tapping, Brian Studler and Tracey Jeffrey.

You can view the Season 3 trailer below:

The previous two seasons of “Motherland: Fort Salem” are available to stream on Hulu in the US and on Disney+ internationally. A Disney+ release date for Season 3 in other regions has not been announced yet.

Source: Film Music Reporter

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