My Disney Pal | Watch Disney+ Together With Your Friends & Family


My Disney Pal’ is a new Chrome extension that allows you to enjoy Disney+ virtually and in real-time with your family and friends.

The extension is similar to ‘Netflix Party’, another incredibly popular Chrome extension that allows you to watch Netflix with friends.

How does ‘My Disney Pal’ work?

To begin with, all participants will need to be signed up and have an active Disney+ subscription.

Once the free extension is installed by your group, the host will choose a movie or TV show to watch. Next, the host will simply click the extension which will produce a shareable link. The rest of the group will now be able to join the room, chat and watch Disney movies together!

Seth Setse, an 18-year old rising sophomore from Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science, developed the extension in two weeks while at home in quarantine.

“Although there are many costs associated with running the servers to keep the extension working 24/7, I decided to release the extension for free as to reach as many people as possible. Users are able to donate to the Patreon in order to support the development of the extension.”

Seth also mentioned that the extension is constantly being updated to improve the experience for users.

My Disney Pal is completely on-trend right now as millions remain inside due to the global Heath crisis. While this isn’t a replacement for watching Disney+ in-person, it’s definitely the next best thing.

The extension is available, completely free, on both the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge Store. Visit for more information.

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