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National Geographic’s “Incredible Animal Journeys” Soundtrack Now Available

Hollywood Records has released the soundtrack album for Season 1 of National Geographic’s new series “Incredible Animal Journeys.”   The series will premiere this Sunday, November 19 on National Geographic and will be released on Hulu and Disney+ in the United States the following day.

The album features selections of the show’s original music composed by Jake Monaco.  Monaco has previously worked on Dumplin’Cars on the RoadJerry & Marge Go LargeLet’s Be CopsFlora & UlyssesKeeping Up with the Joneses, and Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie.

The soundtrack is available now digitally on several platforms including Amazon, Apple and Spotify.

You can view the track list from the album below:

1. Incredible Animal Journeys (2:02)
2. Zebras I: Born to Run (5:01)
3. Zebras II: Fending Family (3:35)
4. Zebras III: Mara River (3:48)
5. Dung Beetles: Dung for Days (2:27)
6. Flamingos: Finding the Perfect Lake (3:06)
7. Elephants I: Ele in the Hole (4:10)
8. Elephants II: Relief of the Rain (2:53)
9. Polar Bears I: Leaving the Den (3:30)
10. Polar Bears II: Share Bears (5:49)
11. Arctic Foxes: Reunion (4:45)
12. Caribou I: Stay Vigilant (4:26)
13. Caribou II: River Crossing (5:35)
14. Humpback Whales I: Whalecome Little One (3:30)
15. Humpback Whales II: The Great Feast (3:45)
16. Christmas Island Crabs: Red Carpet (3:42)
17. Green Turtles I: Race to the Water (3:58)
18. Green Turtles II: The Final Push (3:42)
19. Albatross I: The Wanderer (2:39)
20. Albatross II: Soulmate (3:21)
21. Albatross III: Until Next Year (3:21)
22. Gentoo Penguins: It’s a Trap (3:33)
23. Orcas: Skincare (4:06)
24. Rockhoppers I: Ravenous ( (3:11)
25. Rockhoppers II: Leap of Faith (2:29)
26. Brown Bears I: Find Your Bearings (4:56)
27. Brown Bears II: Lost & Found (4:19)
28. Salmon: River Run (5:29)
29. Eagles I: Time to Fly (3:05)
30. Eagles II: Eagle Eye (4:12)
31. Swallows I: The African Swallow (2:23)
32. Swallows II: Back on the Farm (4:27)
33. Hummingbirds: Flap Dance (2:58)
34. Monarch Butterflys I: Flutterbys (2:53)
35. Monarch Butterflys II: The Super Generation (2:54)

The series is narrated by Jeremy Renner (“Avengers,” “Rennervations”) and will follow the migrations of animals.

We might think we are the world’s greatest explorers, but we’re not. Every day, millions of animals migrate across the planet using routes passed down by generations. INCREDIBLE ANIMAL JOURNEYS puts viewers in the action as they soar, fly and swim from the Antarctic to the African Savanna and the Pacific Ocean to Alaska. Join the protective humpback mom shepherding her newborn calf, tiny dung beetle, monarch butterfly, determined barn swallow who never gives up, and many more species. Using the Earth’s magnetic field, stars, moon and ocean currents in the sea and their innate senses on land, these travelers find food, mates, and their way across thousands of miles during their lifetime. Come along for the ride as Jeremy Renner narrates the wildest adventure on earth.

You can check out the trailer for the series below:

Source: Film Music Reporter

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