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National Geographic’s ‘Life Below Zero’ Season 22 Coming To Disney+ & Hulu (US)

Disney has announced that Season 22 of “Life Below Zero” will begin streaming on Disney+ and Hulu in the United States on Wednesday, March 20, 2024.

This season, Alaskans enter a new dawn of survival. Ricko DeWilde’s children take an active role in their way of life. Sue Aikens restores her body and spirit on the tundra. Andy Bassich and Denise Becker seek new resources on the Yukon River. The Hailstones adapt to unnerving changes. Jessie Holmes recovers from a near-death accident. And Cole Sturgis teaches his daughters to survive in the Southeast.

Season 22 Episode Descriptions

Destroyer of Worlds

The arrival of Spring brings grave danger to Alaskans as the landscape and waterways come roaring back to life. During the Yukon River breakup, Andy Bassich and Denise Becker are forced to evacuate as they face the possibility of losing everything they’ve built. Jessie Holmes races to prepare for the summer growing season. And Cole Sturgis heads into the unknown in search of a coveted resource.


As Alaskans fall into the throes of the Arctic warm season, they must confront their darkest fears & channel their inner strength to persevere. Jessie Holmes and his canine companion embark on a quest into the Brushkana Highlands. Sue Aikens battles her aging body as she attempts to restore a relic at her property in Chena. And Chip Hailstone sets out for a seasonal hunt with his eldest son.


With the Summer sun high in the sky, Alaskans fight for their survival while trying to savor the brief warm season. Jessie Holmes hikes and rafts his way to new grounds. Denise Becker and Andy Bassich race to complete vital work before they lose their chance for winter produce. Sue Aikens prepares for her eventual retirement in Chena. And the Hailstone family finds valuable relics along the Kiwalik coast.

The Way of the Bear

As life blooms during the Arctic summer, Alaskans face new challenges in their efforts to seize opportunities to harvest critical resources. Sue Aikens stalks a deadly predator through unfamiliar territory. Ricko DeWilde spends time with his sons as they hunt for summer game. Denise Becker searches open water for seasonal food. And Jessie Holmes reaps the rewards of hard work on his land.

Summer Camp

Alaskans capitalize on the warm season by reaping seasonal harvests and learning their environments. Ricko DeWilde introduces his daughters to a part of the family’s history. The Hailstones prepare their camp for seasonal foods. Denise Becker learns from her daughter how to harvest a potentially deadly yet abundant food source. And Cole Sturgis looks to improve a key structure on his float house.

Episode 1117

Family ties run deep for Alaskans as they look to prepare for upcoming winter. Cole Sturgis powers through the rain to secure needed protein. Jessie Holmes seeks out the last of summer’s food offerings. The Hailstones must work together to locate an elusive prey. And Ricko DeWilde begins a critical project that will ensure his family’s legacy remains intact in the Alaskan Interior.

Previous seasons of “Life Below Zero” are available to stream now on Disney+ and Hulu.

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