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New Character Details Reportedly Revealed for ‘Tron 3’

Recently, it was announced that “Tron 3” is finally moving forward at Disney with Jared Leto attached to star and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil director Joachim Rønning in talks to direct.  Nominally titled “Tron: Ares,” Jesse Wigutow wrote the most recent draft of the script. Leto is producing along with Justin Springer and Emma Ludbrook.

Plot details have not been revealed about the project, however, some new character breakdowns have been shared via The DisInsider.  You can see those character descriptions below:

Eve: Female lead, Asian, 30-40. Human lead of the story. A tech genius, focused and full of Open heart, analytical and observant. One of the worlds best programmers. Reclusive, anti social, the way she connects with ares isn’t romantic but sympathetic connection. Someone who has an attractiveness.

Athena: Female lead, 30-50. Imposing, cold and officious, driven solely by an innate urge Open to fulfll any directive she’s given without question, Athena is a member of an elite special forces unit and second in command. When Athena senses her superior has strayed from their assignment, she reports him without hesitation and quickly assumes his leadership role, intent on destroying him and fulfiling the directive at all costs. With incredible power and the inability to fear or doubt, Athena is a nearly unstoppable force, and a tragic figure. This role requires significant physicality, fight skills area plus…

Canus: Supporting male, 30-50. A battle worn soldier who suddenly experiences fear during a open battle and begins to question the meaning of war. His superior witnesses this unprecedented behavior and shows him sympathy.

Ed Dillinger Sr and Ed Dillinger Jr: Antagonists.

Ajay Patel: Male, supporting. tech guy, written Indian, could change.

Seth: Supporting male. Eve’s Assistant, with her a lot, a little humorous.

Please note, since nothing has been confirmed by Disney, these character descriptions are not considered official.

In case you aren’t familiar, TRON is a cult 1982 sci-fi film starring Jeff Bridges about a computer programmer trapped inside a vicious computer game, which also spawned a cult 2010 sci-fi sequel TRON: Legacy and a 2012-2013 cult animated series TRON: Uprising.

The film is expected to begin filming in July and will continue through October in Vancouver.

A Tron Disney+ series is also in the works, however, TRON: Ares is reportedly further ahead in development.

TronTron: Legacy, and Tron: Uprising are all available to stream now on Disney+.

Source: The DisInsider

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