New Disney+ “Cheaper By The Dozen” Details Revealed


We recently reported that Disney is working on a reboot for “Cheaper By The Dozen” that will come exclusively to Disney+. The Illuminati has now shared some new details.

The reboot will continue to feature a large family but appears to follow the challenges with a blended family. The show will feature two main characters, Paul Baker and his wife Zoey Baker, their children from their previous relationships and some of their own children. There will also be an adopted Southeast Asian child and a nephew in the show.

Here’s a look at the character descriptions:

Paul Baker is a white man in his 40s who owns a restaurant. He gave up college and first began to work when his ex wife Kate became pregnant. He is married to Zoey and loves their boisterous life with their children. He is often daunted by the relationship Zoey’s ex has with her two children and feels like he doesn’t measure up to her previous husband.

Zoey Baker is an African-American woman in her 30s who helps Paul run his restaurant. She is supportive of Paul’s ambition for the restaurant, but feels strained as more of the burden is shifted onto her. She is resilient but feels like she doesn’t fit in their gated community.

The reboot of “Cheaper by the Dozen” is from “Black-ish” and “Grace and Frankie” director Gail Lerner. The screenplay for the film will be written by Kenya Barris and Jenifer Rice-Genzuk.

It was confirmed last year by CEO Bob Iger that Disney plans to use 20th Century Studios franchises such as “Cheaper By The Dozen” for original content for Disney+.

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