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New Episode of ‘Dino Ranch’ Coming To Disney Junior This Week

The animated preschool favorite Dino Ranch series will premiere its newest episode titled “Adoptasaurus Rex” on Friday, February 25 at 1:30 p.m. PT/ET on Disney Junior and DisneyNOW which follows the Cassidy family as they help two T-Rexes become adoptive daddies.

The synopsis of “Adoptasaurus Rex” is as follows:  Inspired by their Ma and Pa’s story of adopting them, when Jon, Min, and Miguel find two T-Rexes who want to have a baby, they set out to bring them an egg from the Hatchery that they can raise and love. However, getting close to any T-Rex proves no easy feat. They’ll need to distract the T-Rexes to sneak the egg into their nest at the top of a mountain, and the kids hatch a wacky plan to get by them. The task seems impossible at points as the Dino Ranchers are faced with several obstacles. But their love for dinosaurs helps them stay strong through every challenge, knowing they’re fighting for what’s right.

Dino Ranch introduces young audiences to the ultimate playground – a working farm and dinosaur sanctuary – and the tight-knit Cassidy family: Ma (Jane), Pa (Bo) and their three adopted kids, Jon, Min and Miguel. And ranch life certainly wouldn’t be the same without their distinctive dino pals: Jon’s speedy raptor, Blitz; Min’s big-hearted brontosaurus, Clover; Miguel’s tiny (but mighty) triceratops, Tango; Pa’s full-grown T-Rex, Biscuit, and Ma’s massively loyal parasaurolophus, Quack. Families can tune into Dino Ranch on Disney Junior and  DisneyNOW.

Previous Dino Ranch episodes are also available to stream on Disney+.

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