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New Hulu Originals Coming In March 2023

Hulu has a variety of new original programming coming to the streaming service throughout the month of March 2023 including “History of the World Part ll,” Onyx Collective’s “UnPrisoned” series, 20th Century Studios’ “Boston Strangler,” FX’s “Great Expectations,” series, the new musical Series “Up Here,” Searchlight Pictures’ “Rye Lane” and more.

Check them all out below!

History of the World, Part II: Four Night Event (Hulu Original) – March 6

After waiting over 40 years there is finally a sequel to the seminal Mel Brooks film, “History of the World, Part I,” with each episode featuring a variety of sketches that take us through different periods of human history.

You can watch the trailer for “History of the World, Part Il” below:

UnPrisoned: Complete Season 1 (Hulu Original) – March 10

Inspired by Tracy McMillan’s life, “UnPrisoned” is a half-hour comedy about a messy but perfectionist relationship therapist and single mom (Kerry Washington) whose life is turned right-side-up when her dad (Delroy Lindo) gets out of prison and moves in with her and her teenage son.

You can watch the trailer for “UnPrisoned” below:

Boston Strangler (2023) (Hulu Original) – March 17

Based on the infamous Boston Strangler murders, this is the true story of Loretta McLaughlin, the first reporter to connect the murders and break the story of the Strangler. She and fellow reporter Jean Cole challenged the sexism of the early 1960s to report on the city’s most notorious serial killer and worked tirelessly to keep women informed.

You can watch a trailer for “Boston Strangler” below:

The Lesson is Murder: Complete Docuseries (Hulu Original from ABC News Studios) – March 23

“The Lesson Is Murder” follows psychological criminologist and ex-FBI special agent Dr. Bryanna Fox and her class of graduate students as they study convicted murderers, evaluating their personality traits and developing psychological profiles. In each episode, they interview witnesses, police, families of victims, and the murderer, analyzing violent serial offenders and probing their minds to understand why does a killer kill?

Up Here: Complete Season 1 (Hulu Original) – March 24


A musical romantic comedy set in New York City in the waning days of 1999, following the extraordinary story of one ordinary couple, as they fall in love – and discover that the single greatest obstacle to finding happiness together might just be themselves – and the treacherous world of memories, obsessions, fears, and fantasies that live inside their heads.

You can watch the trailer for “Up Here” below:

FX’s Great Expectations: Two-Episode Series Premiere (Only on Hulu) – March 26

“Great Expectations” is the coming-of-age story of Pip, an orphan who yearns for a greater lot in life, until a twist of fate and the evil machinations of the mysterious and eccentric Miss Havisham shows him a dark world of possibilities. Under the great expectations placed upon him, Pip will have to work out the true cost of this new world and whether it will truly make him the man he wishes to be. A damning critique of the class system, Dickens’ novel was published in 1861 after first releasing it in a series of weekly chapters beginning in December 1860.

You can watch the trailer for “Great Expectations” below:

RapCaviar Presents: Complete Season 1 (Hulu Original) – March 30

“RapCaviar Presents” is a compelling new documentary series that tackles some of today’s most provocative issues through the stories of hip-hop visionaries and emerging stars currently ruling the charts and influencing our culture, from City Girls to Tyler, The Creator, Jack Harlow, Polo G, Roddy Ricch, Coi Leray and more. Based on the influential Spotify playlist, launched in 2015, this seven-part series is a deep dive into current events that untangles important subjects and offers a view of the world from an artist’s perspective.

You can watch a sneak peek below:

Rye Lane (2023) (Hulu Original) – March 31

David Jonsson and Vivian Oparah in RYE LANE. Photo by Chris Harris. Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures. © 2022 20th Century Studios All Rights Reserved.

From director Raine Allen-Miller, “Rye Lane” is a romantic comedy that stars David Jonsson (“Industry,” “Deep State”) and Vivian Oparah (“Class,” “The Rebel”), as Dom and Yas, two twenty-somethings both reeling from bad break-ups, who connect over the course of an eventful day in South London – helping each other deal with their nightmare exes, and potentially restoring their faith in romance.

You can watch the trailer for “Rye Lane” below:

To see a full list of everything coming to Hulu in March 2023, click here.


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