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New Study Finds Disney+ Has 30% More Value Than Average Streaming Services Due To Genre Focus

A new report has found that Disney+’s focus on genre fans and programming has made the company 30% more valuable than average streaming services.  The estimate comes from Fandom’s “State of Streaming” report which was conducted in the last week of January.

Fandom was founded in 2004 by Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales and Angela Beesley Starling and controls a large cache of data on consumer preferences in film, TV, video games and other corners of pop culture.  During the study, the company gauged the habits and sentiments of 5,500 global Fandom users. Survey responses were then cross-checked with Fandom’s proprietary fan panel.

The report used three “rules” for studios and streaming providers. They must “lean into genre strengths”; “rethink the in-theater experience to differentiate from growing at-home viewing trends”; and “super-serve consumers beyond the screen.”

According to the report, genre is the main differentiating trait for 62% of respondents making choices of what to sign up for, with Disney+ leading the pack in terms of delivering genre content. In large part because of those genre offerings, Disney+ was estimated to have a 30% higher value than an average video streaming service. The top franchises and brands in terms of how they cater to fans beyond screen content are, in order, Star Wars, Disney, Harry Potter and Marvel. Such is their allegiance to those major brands that 73% of fans say their spending would be worth it for any service offering exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content or merchandise and collectibles.

The study also found that cost is the top reason cited for subscribers wanting to cancel subscriptions. Respondents also said package deals with food delivery services would enhance their streaming experience and encourage loyalty.

At the end of 2021, Disney+ announced it had hit 129.8 million paying customers worldwide and the company expects to reach 230 million-260 million total paid subscribers by September 2024

Source: Deadline

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