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New To Disney+ Today (UK/IRE): April 22, 2024

Here is a look at everything that’s coming to Disney+ in the United Kingdom today.

MONDAY, APRIL 22, 2024

National Geographic’s Secrets of the Octopus

National Geographic's Secrets of the Octopus Poster

Octopuses are like aliens on Earth: three hearts, blue blood and the ability to squeeze through a space the size of their eyeballs. From Academy Award®-winning filmmaker and National Geographic Explorer-at-Large James Cameron, the next installment of the award-winning SECRETS OF franchise returns with SECRETS OF THE OCTOPUS. The three-part series explores their one-of-a-kind superpowers, extraordinary intelligence, and secret social lives. There is so much more to these weird and wonderful animals that are intelligent enough to use tools, transform their bodies to mimic other animals, and even communicate with different species. Narrated by award-winning actor Paul Rudd and featuring National Geographic Explorer, Wayfinder Awardee and science communicator Dr. Alex Schnell, SECRETS OF THE OCTOPUS will bring us closer than ever to these elusive creatures.

Disneynature’s “Tiger” – Premiere

Disneynature’s TIGER

In the film, the cubs—curious, rambunctious and at times a bit clumsy—have a lot to learn from their savvy mother who will do all she can to keep them safe from pythons, bears and marauding male tigers. Directed by Mark Linfield, co-directed by Vanessa Berlowitz and Rob Sullivan, and produced by Linfield, Berlowitz and Roy Conli, “Tiger” is the groundbreaking culmination of 1,500 days of filming.

Tigers of the Rise – Premiere

Disneynature’s TIGER
Disneynature’s TIGER – Photo by Paul Goldstein. ©2024 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Also streaming on Disney+ this Earth Day is a companion film to “Tiger”—“Tigers on the Rise.” Narrated by Blair Underwood, the film celebrates the remarkable comeback of one of the world’s most iconic animals. Tiger populations have rebounded so successfully, many of the big cats are venturing from India’s forest reserves into farms and villages—a monumental challenge for both people and animals. The heroes in this story are the vets, scientists and community patrols dedicated to ensuring that tigers and people can coexist. Disneynature’s “Tigers on the Rise” is directed by Rob Sullivan, co-directed by Alistair Tones, and produced by Sullivan, Vanessa Berlowitz, Mark Linfield and Roy Conli.


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