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New To Disney+ Today (US)

Here is a look at everything that’s coming to Disney+ in the United States today.



Clotilda: Last American Slave Ship

Clotilda, a schooner that carried 110 kidnapped Africans to slavery in Alabama, was the most intact slave shipwreck found to date and the only one for which we know the full story of the voyage, the passengers and their descendants. The traffickers tried to hide their crime by burning and sinking the ship. And now, for the first time since Clotilda arrived in America, maritime archaeologists enter the wreck. Descendants of the passengers share how their ancestors turned a cruel tragedy into an uplifting story of courage and resilience.

Russia’s Wild Tiger

RUSSIA’S WILD TIGER records the battle for survival of the big cats and reveals intimate details of their lives. The animals they prey on are also in the film: tigers couldn’t survive without sika deer, Altai wapiti, wild boars and Asian black bears. A young tiger, born in a conservation area, will guide the viewer through the film. RUSSIA’S WILD TIGER accompanies him throughout the year after he leaves his mother. His search for a territory reveals the problems facing tigers in Russia‘s Far East, and the conflicts that arise when he strays into human settlements. The young tiger takes the viewer to places where the fate of Siberian tigers will be decided: vast forests, remote villages and the cities at the edge of the wilderness.

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