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Onyx Collective Orders ‘Deli Boy’ Pilot From 20th Television

Disney’s Onyx Collective has ordered the comedy pilot “Deli Boys” from 20th Television.

The show is about about a pair of pampered Pakistani-American brothers whose convenience-store magnate father dies and are then forced to reckon with their Baba’s secret life of crime.

The cast includes Asif Ali and Saagar Shaikh in the lead roles, with Alfie Fuller also starring. Ali will play Mir Dar, described as “hardworking, enthusiastic to a fault, and eager to impress his father, Baba, a scrappy immigrant who arrived in the U.S. broke and built an empire from scratch.” Shaikh will play Raj Dar, said to be “a real character, the antithesis of his younger brother Mir. Whereas Mir is a straight-shooter, Raj is a pot-smoking, entitled playboy, an outrageous hipster who wraps his joints in gold paper and lives the high life on his father Baba’s millions. Spoiled from birth, he has never had to lift a finger and thinks Mir is a sucker for taking life so seriously.”  Fuller will play Prairie, Raj’s shaman who’s also a drugged-out “Afro-futurist” hipster who lives with him and various other hangers-on in stoner heaven luxury.

The pilot was written by Abdullah Saeed and will be directed and executive produced by Nisha Ganatra. Besides Saeed, other EPs are Jenni Konner, Vali Chandrasekaran and Nora Silver.

If the pilot receives a series order, we expect the show to stream on Hulu in the US and Disney+ internationally.

Source: Deadline

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