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Patty Jenkins ‘Star Wars: Rogue Squadron’ Delayed

Back in June, it was widely reported that Matthew Robinson had signed on to write the screenplay for the upcoming Star Wars movie Rogue Squadron which will be directed by Patty Jenkins, director of the Wonder Woman franchise.  Shortly, thereafter, Jenkins gave an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, and confirmed Robinson’s involvement with the project and revealed that the script was almost finished.  She also went on to say that they are setting up their crew with pre-production underway.

“It’s going amazing,” Jenkins told The Hollywood Reporter. “I had been on it already for six months before I even announced that, so we’re pretty deep into it. We’re finishing a script, crewing up, and it’s all going wonderful. I’m so excited about the story and excited that we’re the next chapter of Star Wars, which is such a responsibility and such an opportunity to really start some new things. It’s really exciting in that way.”

Now, according to an article released today by The Hollywood Reporter, it seems the project has been delayed indefinitely.  The film was originally slated to start production in 2022 and scheduled to release in theaters on December 22, 2023.  However, THR sources say the producers and filmmaking team came to the realization that Jenkins’ schedule and other commitments wouldn’t allow for the window needed to make the movie in 2022.  Squadron has been taken off the production schedule. The hope is that once Jenkins’ fulfills her previous commitments, she will be able to return to the project.

While the specific scheduling conflicts were not listed, it’s believed Jenkins will be busy working on Wonder Woman 3 and a new Cleopatra film.

Plot details for Rogue Squadron were under wraps,  however, the movie was said to be loosely based on the “X-wing” novels and follow fighter pilots across the Star Wars universe.

It is currently unclear if Lucasfilm will have another Star Wars movie ready to go before Squadron.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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