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Pauly Shore Says ‘Encino Man 2’ Talks Are Happening at Disney+

According to Pauly Shore, an Encino Man sequel could happen at Disney+.  Shore revealed the news while speaking with Inverse in which he shared discussions have indeed happened about Encino Man 2. You can see what Shore said below:

“I know Disney+ is talking about possibly doing the sequel. If they want me to do it and the script was right and Brendan and Sean were on board and it made sense, I would do it for the fans! It’s what [screenwriter] George [Zaloom] has been working on. So ask him about it.”

Screenwriter George Zaloom then added the following:

“If you ask me ‘Is there going to be another Encino Man?’ — I don’t know! I’m not going to say yes. I’m not going to say no. We may be pleasantly surprised.”

While nothing is definitive yet, it certainly proves that the project could indeed happen.  Over the years, Encino Man has become somewhat of a cult classic.  The movie was released in 1992 and starred Brendan Fraser, Pauly Shore, and Sean Astin.

A synopsis for the film reads, “California teen Dave Morgan (Sean Astin) is digging a pit for a pool in his backyard when he happens upon a caveman frozen in a block of ice. Aided by his goofy friend Stoney (Pauly Shore), Dave transports their discovery to his garage, where the Neanderthal thaws and is revived. When Dave and Stoney find the living and thoroughly bewildered caveman, they attempt to pass him off as a foreign exchange student named Link (Brendan Fraser), resulting in many misadventures.

Source: ScreenGeek

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