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‘Phoenix: Eden17’ Anime Series Disney+ Release Date Announced

Studio 4C has announced that the new Japanese anime series “Phoenix: Eden17” will debut on Disney+ globally on September 13, 2023.  A Hulu release date for the US has not been announced.

The series follows a woman called Romi and her partner, as they depart from the devastated Earth and head for a new life on the planet Eden17. However, life has already been made extinct on the new world, so Romi finds herself eking out an even harsher life there. The show is an adaptation of the Nostalgia story of Tezuka Osamu‘s life work “Phoenix.”

Cast includes:

  • Honoka Yoshida as Com
  • Yosuke Kubozuka as George
  • Rie Miyazawa as Romi
  • Issey Ogata as Sudarban

The new staff members include Katsunari Mano (Death Note Light up the NEW world) and Saku Konohana (Children of the Sea) as scriptwriters, Yūko Egami as color key artist, Kōji Kasamatsu as sound director, and Eiko Tanaka as producer.

In addition, the anime will also have a film version with a different ending titled Phoenix: Reminiscence of Flower (Hi no Tori: Eden no Hana, literally “Eden’s Flower”) which will open in Japan on November 3.

Studio 4°C unveiled a new teaser trailer and poster which you can see below:


Source: Anime News Network

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