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Pixar Disney+ Spinoff Series Reportedly Quietly Canceled

Disney has reportedly scrapped plans for a spinoff of an upcoming animated Pixar series.   The upcoming Pixar Original series, “Win or Lose,” is set to premiere on Disney+ this upcoming December.  The first-ever original long-form animated series follows a coed middle school softball team in the week leading up to their championship game.

According to a new report from The Wrap, the Disney+ spinoff to “Win or Lose”  was quietly canceled.  The article reveals that Pixar had plans to release a spin-off series from “Win or Lose,” but Disney+ shelved it before an official announcement was made.  The report also adds that the show could potentially still come out at some point in time but as a feature film instead of an episodic series.

Each 20-minute episode of “Win or Lose” highlights the perspective of a different character and explores the drama of bad calls made on and off the field.

Written and directed by story artists Carrie Hobson and Michael Yates, and produced by David Lally, “Win or Lose” is a comedy about love, rivalry and the challenges we all face in our struggle to win at life.

“Win or Lose” will premiere on Disney+ in December 2023 however an exact release date has not been announced yet.

Source: The Wrap

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