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Preview: ‘The Magic Of Disney’s Animal Kingdom’ – Episode 7

Disney has provided a preview of the seventh episode of the upcoming National Geographic series, ‘The Magic Of Disney’s Animal Kingdom’, which is coming to Disney+ on Friday, November 06, 2020.

Episode Seven – The Big Egg Switcheroo 

Big sisters reign supreme in Disney’s Animal Kingdom! On the savanna, teenage African elephant Nadirah is a great babysitter for her little sister, Stella, but her skittishness remains a major growing pain. Animal care experts Erin and Elizabeth must get creative to help Nadirah face her fear and cross a bridge that connects two parts of the elephant habitat. At The Seas with Nemo & Friends at EPCOT, Harry, a rescued green sea turtle, must swim to a specific target for his leafy dinner — a skill he needs in order to graduate to the main tank. At Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, Alika, a little colobus monkey with a penchant for creating chaos, becomes a big sister — a first for the park! Meanwhile, endangered vultures Carri and Bones try to fill their nest, but when the lovebirds can’t agree on the best way to build a home, animal keeper Tricia steps in to assist.

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